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It’s ten years this year…2014… since Husk was born. Well, Husk’s name was born at least (before then, we were known as Red Design and the Sneak Design Collective), but we eventually settled on a  name that sounded nice when you say it.

Names haven’t been the only thing we change like underwear. We have worked out of 8 different studios since our inception: from the Parachute Music offices to a flat in Grey Lynn; from a lock up with Scotty Construction and the Production Co to studio 3 in Eden Tce; from a home studio in Avondale to another home studio in  Mt Albert;  and now that babies have become school kids, our final morph this year was to Kingsland. 

We have a few Huskies come and go – Brendon, Nat, Briar and Anton, along with Michelle S, Luke, and Evan our perm freelancer.  We also had Lou’s Mum, Michelle H, Jacqui, Janina & Lauren as our magic accounts whizzes and then a whole bunch of interns a-plenty. Now we are a fresh-faced, extremely good-looking team of 6 with Innie, Katie, Annie, Joe, Mel and Lou. 

We have recently moved into Kingsland with new conjoint twins, also a team of 6 and growing, the Film Construction Group – Bruce, Perry, Andy, Scott, Greg, Felicia, Chris and the man who counts it all together, Steve. 

We have morphed a lot over the years but the heart of Husk has always been the same – design from the heart, design for people we love and brands we believe in. 

Though the big X served us nicely for the 10 year party, we liked it so much we are keeping it on as our new brand because of the countless applications we speak of around here, but also because the love of you people is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. 

Awwww feel the love.

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