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Husk has moved. Again. Yes, we know. We just did. We always do. Why can’t you guys just sit still? What the actual?

Actually, how many times has it been exactly? Let’s count. We started off in the year 2000 in the Parachute Music offices, then moved home to Lou’s flat, then the Chinaman’s hill lockup with The Production Co & Scotty Construction, then to Studio 3 in Eden Terrace, then to Lou’s home in Avondale, then to Mt Albert, then Morningside at Lou’s house again, then Kingsland with Film Construction and then back to Morningside again.  That’s only 9 times in 16 years, so not a bad innings really.

To be fair, we have only moved 100m down the road this time, but it is still a hoohaa all that boxing and chucking out stuff and shuffling desks seventeen times to get them in the right place. But…we have done it (again). 

One of the catalysts to moving was that both Film Con and Husk had grown in size over the last 2.5 years and were starting to fall over one another in the shared warehouse space. It was time to have a grown up conversation and doing the best thing for both of our businesses meant two studios instead of one. Film Construction will take over our vacated space at 33 Altham and…

…we have moved around the corner into the old Crave cafe – though we are wistful for the great peeps we have left behind, we are stoked for what lies ahead. We love that the Huskies’ new home has hosted 8 years of coffee and conversation and its nooks and crannies have been known and loved by the Morningside community and far further afield. We love that it was the place we chose to celebrate our 10th official birthday party. The rooms now feel very different with our stuff in what was our favourite cafe (we are having trouble finding the cheese scones) but we think our history together makes it all the more special.

The Huskies are slowly settling into our new digs and would love to welcome you into the chaos. If you’re ever at Crave, pop your head in at what has become known as ‘old crave new husk’ and drink your flat white with us!

This time, we intend to stay. Stay for good. And to bring some #goodinthehood.


25 McDonald St
Morningside 1025

All other deets remain the same.

ps: special thanks to St Paul’s for the congratulatory flowers & cupcakes, and to Sophie, appearing as one of our fave honorary huskies x
pps: missing from this photo are Rikki, at home very pregnant (best excuse for not carrying filing cabinets) and Lou (taking said photo, not so interesting)…