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know your relational marketing

Real-talk time: how do you get people falling in love with your brand? Consumers these days are looking to build relationship with the companies they buy from – here’s some things to think about:

1/ The first impressions matter.
How do you look in the saturated market of your industry? Do you have a tone of voice or aesthetic that catches the eye? Does your brand have good “design hygiene”? What even is that?⁠

2/ Communication, communication, communication.
In the digital age, people want dialogue. Whether it’s about the philosophy of your business or the “behind the scenes” tidbits, people want to see and hear personality, not just a faceless brand. Speak to your customers in the same way you would appreciate being spoken to, and about things important to them.⁠

3/ Don’t forget that inner beauty.
At the end of the day, what gets customers coming back will be intangibles like great service, the quality of your product and the rewarding experience they had. Don’t lose sight of that.⁠

Let us know if any tips resonated with you, and if you’d like to get that twinkle back in your marketing game.