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locking in your domain

We love domain names… hunting them down and bagging them particularly. A great domain name is basically a brand name and SEO keyword rolled into one. If you want to be noticed digitally, registering a winning domain name is imperative and there are more and more creative options these days to choose from – cool domains like easter.camp, commongood.coffee and stpauls.church belong to our clients.

Domain extensions (also called suffixes) are an opportunity for you to create a memorable name and show what kind of business you are at the same time.

If you are a local NZ company, it is standard to opt for the
and shortened *.nz versions.

If you want to add a bit of fun, try *.kiwi – Kiwibank uses a mix of both to portray a ‘homegrown kiwi’ feel to their customers.

More traditional/commercial domain extensions include
*.com, and
but our faves are some of the more creative ones
*.media and more.

We can research your domain and also set you up with website and email hosting – our hosting plans are generous and cost-effective and come with a powerful range of cool tools. Plus we work the IT geekery so you don’t have to — make Husk your one-stop-shop for everything interwebs.