Husk logo


Are you starting up a new business or wanting a revamp on your tired logo? We’ve had countless conversations with clients in the last 10+ years and thought it would be fun to compile some of our thoughts for your viewing pleasure.

Your logo is important, but it cannot do everything.
Many clients come to us with a long list of “must haves”, expecting the logo will encompass everything from the mission statement, company values, service deliverables and favourite animals of each of their staff members. Don’t get us wrong, we love a clearly stated brief and people who know what they want. But we cannot expect a clear, elegant logo to say everything on its own. This comic on the NZ flag design fiasco talks about the dangers of the checklist. Not all is lost though, as this leads on to the next point…

Your logo is part of a broader corporate identity.
Know that in the construction of your brand, that typography, tone, colour and imagery also come into play. This is where a photo might echo a certain value of your organisation well, and tone/language will build on your mission statements and personality. Consider this as part of your branding exercise and your wider brand landscape instead of just hinging everything on a single logo or mark.

Black is the new-old black.
Understand that in some instances, your logo will at times need to appear in a single, monotone colour. In-house printing, NZ Post envelope standards, being part of a list of sponsors where the logos are made black only, or cases where the logo needs to be reversed out of an image are just a few examples. If your entire design hinges on your colour gradient, then you could be putting your design at a disadvantage. Consider building some flexibility into your logo design and colour ways.

You don’t always need an icon (although it’s fun).
If you’ve checked out our brands portfolio, you’ll see we love visual puns in our logo designs. Our designers love laughing at the visual equivalent of “dad jokes” in understated graphic design, but know that there’s also industries where a carefully selected (or custom made) font stands stronger. Think high end brands, think fashion companies. Sometimes simple wins, then you can spend more budget on quality paper and printing finishes to really make it shine.

Responsive design is a must.
In the digital age, your logo will be required to survive on a variety of platforms: loud n’ proud on your Facebook profile, then really small in your website favicon area (that’s the tiny image next to your URL) and perhaps squeezed into a narrow, horizontal web nav banner. Check out this link on your desktop, and drag the browser window size up and down to see it transform. At Husk we’ll keep all these things in consideration throughout the design process to ensure you have a design that is consistent, but flexible.