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Soul-searching Questions for your Brand

So you’re thinking of a rebrand but can’t wrap your head around your essence, your message or maybe your point of difference? Perhaps these whizz-bang questions can help get you started:

1// Uniqueness
Do you know your “Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP)? Yeah it’s marketing slang but it’s VITAL – if you can’t articulate why a prospective customer should choose you over your competitor, you’re already at a disadvantage.

2// Alignment
Does your brand promise match your customer’s experience of your product or service? Great branding communicates the problem you’re helping to solve or the dream you’re helping to realise and then delivers on it.

3// Personality
What kind of ‘person’ would your brand be? Quirky, cheeky and conversational – or maybe solid, friendly, reliable? Brand language, tone, palette, look and feel are all powerful ways to connect and communicate with your customer.

These questions can be super challenging to answer – if your brain is fried about branding, drop us a line and tell us what hurts. And if you just want the brain pain to go away, let’s have coffee!