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the #1 thing about your website

What’s the first thing someone sees when they land on your website? You’d think banner or the logo, but in fact… it’s a feeling.

Wait whaaaat – you can’t see a feeling!? Of course you see the logo, read the headline, absorb the banner image… but subconsciously you are also feeling something. Perhaps you get a sense whether a business is slick and professional, warm and connected, savvy and progressive or relaxed and cheeky. Perhaps you’re seeing that they can solve your problem or help realise your dream. Perhaps you sense the relief of finding someone who can help – they’ve got what you want.

This initial experience often nods to the ‘essence’ of the brand – in the way that Mercedes is luxurious without saying it, or Walt Disney is magical without having to spelling it out. Why is this brand essence or feeling important? When communicated well, it is an indicator of the ongoing experience you will have with an organisation and this promise catalyses customer intrigue and engagement.

Think of a brand you’re passionate about and why you love it – chances are, you’re feeling the feels right now.