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The Husk X Factor

Meri Kirihimete,  We’re now well and truly into the Christmas season and Husk HQ has not been immune from the season’s festivities. In the last week, we’ve been inundated with many generous gifts and had an overload of sugary treats thanks to our amazing clients and suppliers! #grateful #insulinspike 

As you may already know, Chri stmas hasn’t been the only milestone recently celebrated at Husk. 2014 also marked the year Husk officially turned 10 years old (woop, woop)! 

In addition to drooling over which overgloss to use for the party invites, the lead-up to last month’s birthday party at our local cafe Crave was a great chance for us Huskies to reflect on what makes Husk, well… Husk. 

Armed with a mirror, sharpies and post-it notes, we began a brainstorm-athon about who Husk is, who we are to our clients and who we’d like to become . (Entering the process as a young Husky myself, it was a real privilege to hear from the more senior members of the wolfpack (*cough* ‘old’) the cool journey of Husk in the last decade). 

The brainstorm netted a lot of great insights, and top among these was the realisation of how spoiled we are to have so many amazing clients (who often become friends) and who allow us to contribute to their incredible and meaningful work. The fact that we love our clients is what gets us up in the morning, and the concept of this gushy goodness formed the ‘X’ idea. #husklove #huskX #yesitneedsahashtag 


It first came into use thanks to a smart mathematician called Rene Descartes, who used the letter X to represent the “unknown but sought after” in his calculations i.e. x+y=z. We thought that summed up Husk pretty darn well – we help define your uniqueness and then, through brand storytelling, create a path for your product or service to be ‘sought after”. Basically, Husk helps find your brand’s X Factor. 

 X is also used as a marker (yes, treasure!) and a desired milestone. Let’s plot a destination for business growth and Husk can help take you there!

X also represents multiplication or synergy – it’s the realisation that we’re better together (aww!) and our aim is that by working together, we can help you achieve more than you could on your own. 

X has since the Middle Ages, also been used as a signature on a letter to represent faith, honesty and yes, kisses. We like that.

Lastly, in Roman numerals, X represents 10, and celebrates the last ten years of Husky goodness. Moving into the next 10 years, us Huskies are very much looking forward to working more with our legendary clients, continuing to help them define and communicate their X factor. 

Merry Christmas from Husk team, 

Joe X