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December 2022



If you’re looking for an amazing way to end a very busy year, Ada is the perfect place to sit back and feel completely pampered in every way.  This historical, converted nunnery definitely provides the wow factor! From the beautiful entrance way, long corridors and wooden floors and stairways leading up to the boutique hotel rooms, every nook is filled with a visual feast of character and charm.  If you haven’t been to Tuscany, this will transport you right there in an instant. 

The restaurant area is tucked away in the back of the building surrounded by Spanish-mission-styled arches and covered by gorgeous glass ceilings, allowing for a unique feel of being outside but protected from the elements – such clever design.  This cosy space is buzzing with cheerful waiters and bar staff who are happy to have a chat and be part of the experience.  This is not a place for a ‘quiet’ night out or lunch but more for a buzzing, fun and potentially noisy gathering.  That suited us as we were there to celebrate our year and let our hair down!

The food was impressive – seasonal sharing style dishes came out in no particular order which kept you guessing as to what delights were coming next.  The flavours were amazing, visually the dishes were put together with perfection. They change up their menu often which makes the pull to go back and try more options even greater. Everything felt wonderfully ‘5 star’.

We locked in some cocktails and shared the set menu which comprised of:

Smoked kingfish toast, fennel, nero mayonnaise, Burrata, eggplant, tomato, chilli, Beef short rib, ‘nduja, beetroot, walnuts, Ricotta cavatelli, tomato concassè, cherry tomatoes, Cannoli, vanilla, orange, pistachio. Plus we added in two extra dishes of Agria potatoes, hazelnut butter, whipped feta and the Heirloom tomatoes, cucumber buttermilk, and fried lentils.

After a quick peek upstairs to look around at the hotel room setup, we continued our celebrations with some Husky competitiveness – if you like a bit of speed and are ready to let go of all your inhibitions (the helmets are dorky as), then go-karting and laser tag at ‘Gameover’ in Albany is a must. Sam smashed us all (with Lou following close behind) in both sporting endeavours. The afternoon was the perfect mix of sumptuous dining and crazy fun – bon voyage 2022!!

Mel said, “Wow this place is awesome, from the atmosphere down to the food and staff.  I can definitely see why Lou raved about this place!  It was both relaxing and luxurious all in one, such a unique and special place, it was the perfect spot to celebrate the end to a busy year.”

Sarah said, “What a stunning place! A beautiful building, as you enter the artwork on the walls is quirky and fun. We were there just before Christmas so it was a quieter day which made the restaurant feel peaceful and relaxed and it was nice and sunny through the glass ceiling. The food was amazing – my favourites were the smoked kingfish toast and ricotta cavatelli pasta. The homemade lemonade was refreshingly tart. Ada was a lovely treat!”

Louise said, “I love Ada – the monastic vibes, the layout, the seasonal menu, the light airy vibes in the day and moody, candlelit nod to the nunnery at night. Flavours on point, service on point, environs on point. I love bringing people here for lunch – it’s my go to. Next I need to book an overnight.”

Sam said “Such a good lunch and a good mix of different food and flavours. Highlight was the Burrata 10/10”




Overall experience