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April 2014



Always an old favourite in Kingsland, this was the perfect place to cozy up in to revel in the aroma of freshly roasted beans (we mean it, there’s a roaster right there behind glass panes) and warm baking. Today we were particuarly intrigued by the Vietnamese-flavoured pull-pork baguette (can lime and lemongrass go wrong, ever?) and the pumpkin & quinoa salad. Such flavour, surprisingly hearty. Seatings never the highlight of this cafe, but we trust it’s consistent cuppa and cookery! 

Briar had the pulled pork baguette. She said ‘Couldn’t tell what the herbs were till we realised — star anise! genius.’

Louise had the pulled pork baguette and drank a mocha. She said ‘pretty packed so we squeezed into the booths at the back. Did someone say Vietnamese herbs? Happy place.’

Innie had the smoked salmon burger and the pumpkin & quinoa salad and drank a lemon & honey. She said ‘What? They didn’t make their Lemon Honey from scratch?’

Katie had the pulled pork baguette and the pumpkin & quinoa salad. She said ‘Kitchen was closed by the time we got there, luckily the cabinet sufficed!’

Joe had the roasted veges panini. He said ‘perfect place to spot Kingsland hipsters and critique their tats.’




Overall experience