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February 2016



It’s a well-know fact within the Husk office that one of the Huskies, who will not be named (* cough, Katie, cough *) is quite partial to the ‘Dirty Bird’, aka KFC. This week we decided to sample the offerings of a less dirty bird – Bird on a Wire. The Ponsonby location, officially only 11 minutes away from Husk by Google’s math, is in reality almost triple that when parking is factored into the equation – a burden shared by almost all eateries in Ponsonby at peak times. However, upon arriving, we were richly compensated for our time as we gazed upon the multitude of tasty-sounding options on the menu. While Bird on a Wire shares the role of being a chicken-specialist eating establishment with KFC, the similarities end there. Free-range SPCA blue tick chicken, tasty and authentic bastes and a bunch of organic and locally-sourced items quickly reveal Bird on a Wire as a much, much different eatery. The jamaican glaze was a popular choice amongst the huskies, as was the tasty range of side salads. The chicken was perfectly and consistently cooked, the sides delicious and the service impeccable. Go and check it out – don’t be chicken!

Louise had the banh mi and a green smoothie. She said “Good heat and flavour but couldn’t find the promised coriander. Quite juicy and messy to eat. Sad that Toru has gone but happy to have company from chef/photographer Patrick Dodson & illustrator/stylist Emma Kate Hall for husk lunch!”

Mel had the bird burger and a beetroot, carrot and apple smoothie. She said “The sesame burger buns were perfectly toasted and so yummy, so was the contents of the actual burger. Smoothie was delish!”

Joe had the quarter chicken and a fejoia soda. He said “Great portion sizes, and very reasonably priced.”

Emilie had the bangin’ burger and chips and a beetroot juice. She said “The juice was great.”




Overall experience