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May 2013



We’ve heard of Isabel Pasch’s awesomeness from excited bread-lovers all over Auckland. When the passionate German-baker closed Paris Berlin in order to open two more bakeries in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn, sworn Ellerslie customers continue to order their bread by the fridgeful – seems like their devotion to bread is contagious! Seeing all that, it’s not surprising that the Grey Lynn Bread & Butter (next to Farro Fresh) has been making waves – queue next Husky breadventure.

Boasting traditional German and French bakery-fare, they use fully organic ingredients and traditional leavening processes – with a beautifully-illustrated chalkboard wall that explains the entire she-bang (and had us gawking at it for ages). Among the quirky décor are huge whisk-shaped lights, a mixture of long wooden benches and couches with teal quilting, and fresh flowers in milk bottles – they even had a separate room with a wall featuring hundreds of mini Victorian saucers!

Their comprehensive lunch and kids menu particularly impressed us – our food was piled tall and handsomely on our plates (or wooden boards), no time for order-envy as we were so busy digging-in (though Oli’s Mixed Mushroom with bacon and ciabatta was a worthy mention). Last of all, their new Five Elements coffee – rounded aroma with perfect crema. We swear by it.

Louise had the Avocado Breakfast Salad with crispy bacon, crispy potato, rocket, soft-boiled egg with a lime and honey vinaigrette and a Mocha. She said ‘Love the decor, industrial lamps, giant-sized whisk lampshades, hydrangeas in old-skool milk-bottles. Minus the ankle-biters (yep, one of those days), it would’ve been heaven!’

Innie had the Sweet Corn Fritters with manuka smoked bacon, pineapple salsa, sour cream and watercress and a Feijoa and Apple Juice. She said ‘Awesome X1000! Will be back to try more.’

Katie had the Pulled Pork Baguette with aioli, rocket, tomato and pickles served with chunky fries. She said ‘ Finally a baguette I can cut into – they weren’t lying when they said they baked the bread fresh on-site. I struggled to pick with the variety on the menu, too good.’




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