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January 2017



It’s been almost 5 years (!) since we’ve written a review on this place, and in between the repeated visits, this time is a little… no, a lot…. different. Gone were the potato rosti and omelettes, the new owners are opting for some serious insta-worthy #killashakes that are taking social media by storm. Walking in you’ll recognise the same layout — ramped pathway to the left and tables to the right, but the feature wall has been painted over with a bright teal blue with killer typography on the menus. The huskies chortled through the menu that juxtaposed some pretty sinful-looking freak-shakes with more virtuous acai bowls and smashed avos. Apparently the new owner is a nutritionist and we love it.

As one would expect, freak shakes were greeted immediately by phone-cameras and the wide eyes of giddy children — each creation was an impressive architecture of candy floss, ice cream and lollies, stuck down with Nutella ganache and chocolate sauce. Kid heaven, something straight out of Hansel and Gretel perhaps? Mid-meal we realised that there were mini kids’ shakes available which would have been a little kinder on the waistline and the blood sugar as we all struggled to finish our glasses. The savoury items were decent, though we all knew they were there to relieve our sugar-laden guilt. See our huskies’ food-coma-induced thoughts below.

Louise had the Mint Choc freak-shake. She said “The freak-shake was insane. So big. Possibly too big but I guess that’s the point. My kids would have loved it but I bit off more than I could chew. Literally. The mint Aero was great on the top layer but the mint syrup in the actual shake was way too heavy-handed and overpowering. Happy to have checked that off my list.”

Katie had the BBQ pulled pork bun and a cookies n’ cream freakshake. She said “Worth going for the Insta-likes but don’t go before you need to be somewhere important, ‘cause you’ll be in a food coma… and I shared a shake.”

Mel had the BBQ pulled pork bun and a cookies n’ cream freakshake. She said “The pork bun was tasty and fresh, thank goodness I went halves with Katie on the cookies n’ cream shake… my eyes popped out of my head at how awesome they looked. Huge, sickly sweet and all things bad, but totally delicious. I am planning a mummy-daughter date next week with my 7 year-old (they have mini kids versions), can’t wait to see her face!”

Joe had the smashed avo’ on sourdough and Special shake (pavlova with strawberry & passionfruit purée). He said “Shake was amazing. And huuuuuge. Like ‘Type 2 Diabetes’ huge. Sweet.”

Rebecca had the free range eggs on toast and a beetroot juice. She said “had my freak-shake experience previously, to be honest it’s a ‘once in a life time experience’ and for me probably just once – the sugar kick is a little much.”




Overall experience