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September 2016



In recent years burgers have become the latest foodstuff to be engulfed in a category war in Auckland, as multiple great establishments vie for ‘top dog’ (or should that be ‘top bun’?) in the Auckland food scene. Burger Burger, Better Burger and the Bearded Clam all tacitly make their imposing presence felt, challenging any new potential entrants with their creative and very tasty offerings. Thus, it’s always interesting to see new greenhorns emerge and watch how they attempt to set themselves apart. Corner Burger’s menu offers a refined list of burgers, broken into basic 2 categories – $12 value ‘Classics’ and the signature ‘Icon’ series. The service was great and the flavours strong, along with nice soda and shake drink options. The Huskies came away impressed from the visit, with fomo for each other’s orders even extending to the shakes. Having previously ordered takeaway on an earlier occasion, this visit was a second round and chances are it won’t be the last.

Louise had the corner classic burger with lettuce and a snickers shake. She said “Surprisingly spacious inside and a cool vibe in the outside space. The snickers shake unfortunately didn’t stack up to the Al’s Deli or Grill & Shakes versions but the burger was super-tasty, especially with the mustard and pickles. Timing-wise, it feels like Corner Burger have hit the tail end of independent burger shops openings but still definitely worth a visit. Great one guys!”

Mel had the bun-less corner classic beef burger and a lemongrass and liquorice soda. She said “Loved that you could swap your buns for lettuce, does make for a messy eat though! We shared some fries … not so amazing. However the location was central, the inside was roomy and the outside area looked amazing on a sunny day (wished we were out there rather than inside as it was quite dark and a little uninspiring). The smells wafting down the street from their busy kitchen were very enticing though…”

Joe had the sticky fingers burger and a bounty shake. He said “Awesome burger, excellent shake.”

Emilie had the fish burger with b’cos and coleslaw. She said “Healthy, yummy burger without the buns.”

Rebecca had the lettuce-wrapped fish burger. She said “Loved the overall look and feel of this burger joint, perfect place to hangout in the weekends.”




Overall experience