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August 2023

Dear Jane

dear jane

Tucked away in Mt Albert’s urban sprawl lies Dear Jane Cafe, a fabulously located cafe for the residents, off the main streets and away from the hustle and bustle.  The place is typically light and airy, with a lovely relaxing vibe but given the weather was wet, windy and cold, the cosy warmth we were hoping for was somehow not really on offer. The back doors hanging wide open felt just a little too airy for us –  maybe a few well-positioned heaters and knee blankets would have made for a more comfortable visit (how NANA do we sound though)!? The food was well presented with tasty flavours and service did the job. With plenty of people coming and going, this little place is obviously a local fave for many peeps in walking distance, and a quick grab and go for those on the move.

Total spend – 3 people – $85.80

Louise had nasi goreng.  She said, “Not bad – always quite cold and loud in there but appreciate how handy it is to us.”

Mel had the sticky pork belly bowl.  She said, “It was a flippin’ cold day and this place was a little breezy! Some heaters around the place would have made a difference. But once the food and drinks arrived I was distracted by the good flavours and good company :)”

Sarah had the eggs bene with fried chicken.  She said, “A great local who is always consistent. The eggs bene was nice, adding fried chicken makes it really good. The service was good. The vibes were ok but man – the echo in the space makes this place loud!”




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