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August 2014



This husk lunch was sans-Lou and sans-Mel due to sick-children and Fiji-frolicking (respectively), though pretty sure we’ll have to bring’em back though’ Boasting shelves of greenery, copper pipes and industrial lighting, every corner feels like a different location. We loved the staff’s get-up with khaki aprons, black & white striped tops and black skinnys – chic! Oh, and the food ‘ up there with Rad and L’oeuf, we’ll let the reviews speak for itself. Only let down is the noise level ‘ we had to yell into each other ears across the petite tables. Time to branch out to Kingsland we think? *nudge nudge*

Innie had portobello mushroom and a latte. She said, ‘It’s not the most relaxing environment to enjoy the meal ‘ just because it’s so popular and people are on waiting list all the time ‘ but food is definitely worth the noise + wait!’

Katie had fish finger sandwich with beer-battered tarakihi, smashed avocado, seaweed tartare and pickled cucumber and drank a raspberry & beetroot smoothie. She said, ‘Why can’t my house look like this? The plant hangers, the neutral and green tones down to the waiting staff’s apron and striped tones ‘ perfection! Loved the seaweed tartare & tarakihi combo, will eat again. Can’t hear across the table though, too loud.’

Joe had eggs benedict with bacon and drank a ginger latte. He said, ‘Ambient noise is a bit too loud.’

Annie had the char-grilled haloumi and roasted vegetables and drank ginger latte. She said, ‘My meal came with house made horseradish yoghurt which was completely mismatched to the rest of the deliciousness. Luckily it was separate so I just didn’t add it. It was busy and very noisy so we had to shout but otherwise a great experience.”




Overall experience