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February 2013



We’ve been watching that iconic 1950’s building on Posonby Road being hidden under wraps for quite awhile now. We’ve also heard whispers in the wind about the Trademe bronze lions and that fresh-produce market, not to mention the raving reviews from fellow foodies (hear, hear). So today the Huskies all trundled down to check out one of the cafés inside this latest hype on the Auckland food scene.

The Foxtrot Parlour is pretty new, opened in late-December; but nothing about the place feels unfamiliar or green like many newly-sprung cafes, the service was friendly and efficient, and we learned quickly that Foxtrot was previously the HUBC4P Café just down the road, developed by the owner of Savour and Devour – our favourite go-to place on rainy days! And upon tasting a selection from the menu, it’s no wonder everything tasted so perfect.

The airy cafe sported Supreme coffee, spray-painted logos and a vintage typewriter to boot. The place was crammed with blissful coffee drinkers, so we had to resort to the many rustic wooden tables in the courtyard of Ponsonby Central, where customers could order from multiple food vendors (much like Elliot Stables). But just this one café with its toasted coconut bread, haloumi-eggplant stacks, vanilla risotto and frothy Kapiti icecream sodas had us spoilt for choice. The counter was bursting with jars of baking selections too, the meringues (salted caramel, lavishly drizzled chocolate, pistachio and coconut) were literally the size of our hands! We had to drag Katie away, because she looked ready to lunge at them.

Louise had the Orzo, Lamb and Bean Salad and a Mocha. She said ‘First visit to Ponsonby Central was a very positive one – busy but easy to park, lots of great food options to choose fro, and my personal fav – exposed kitchens! Foxtrot was stylish and yum, though the Mocha glasses were much too small *wink*’

Innie had the Rumpledstump and a Latte. She said ‘Loved the texture and the taste of potato and cabbage together! And how it was served on a vintage plate!! But…the best part was having the caramel fudge melting in my mouth at 3pm, great way to feel blessed on a Friday afternoon.’

Katie had the Fresh Salmon with Avocado Baguette with Baby Rocket and a Green Smoothie (with spinach, kiwi, banana and mint). She said ‘ The baguette was a little dry so it was a bit of a workout cutting it up. Amazing taste though, the herby aioli sauce blended everything quite well. I am going back. For the meringues. Not even joking.’




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