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September 2023

Frasers Cafe


Mt Eden village wouldn’t be the same without long time friend and eatery, ‘Frasers Cafe’. Around since 1998 this corner spot has been serving patrons with awesome desserts, coffee and meals to boot. There is a relaxed and warm atmosphere and all are welcome – they even have some big water bowls out the front for any furry friends that visit the outside tables. The service was quick for both drinks and meals (not super busy when we arrived which definitely helped) – happy days when you’re super hungus and needing to get food into bellies!

The dishes all seemed generous in size and full of tasty flavours, so much so that we didn’t even need to order one of their desserts to go, what! This place is somewhere to go if you want a great location in a humming part of Mt Eden, super close to shops or the big old mountain right at its back door – great for a ‘walk it all off’ experience and some epic views of the city if you are that way inclined. Let’s do this again Frasers, maybe next time with your sweet treats as the main event 😉

Total spend – 3 people – $104.00

Louise had Chicken tacos and drank peppermint tea.  She said “Very generous portions, very prompt food delivery and tasty, crispy chicken on the outside that was also tender on the inside. Chips were next level too. Nailed it.”

Mel had creamy mushrooms and drank Hakanoa ginger, lemon & manuka honey.  She said “This place has been around for donkey’s years and never seems to fail (showing my age but it was ‘the’ place to go for a late night dessert back in the 90’s, and these desserts are still served now!  Pretty cool).  My mushroom dish was really good, the best mushrooms I’ve had in ages. Full of great flavours, slightly sweet, cheesy and very filling. The coating on their hot fries was darn delish too!”

Sam had chicken caesar salad and chips. He said “Nice cafe, I can’t say I’ll get the caesar salad again, just a bit too boring and wasn’t fun to eat ha.”




Overall experience

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