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December 2019



Less than a 5-minute walk from our new studio, Geeks on Sainsbury is always an easy pick and a favourite for a quick lunch for the Huskies. We’ve been popping in here since 2015, but haven’t shared our thoughts since 2017 #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun. The bagels have remained a staple for Geeks since their opening and there’s a good reason for that – Best Ugly Bagels combined with a delicious combo of toppings (yum). However, this time we branched out and were pleased to discover that, though the menu has expanded, the quality of food (and coffee) still remains epic. With plenty of seating and a fun, relaxed vibe, this joint particularly suits families – kids can climb trees to their heart’s content, and let their parents finally get a word in… or ignore each other and read the paper.

Louise had a bunless Geeks Burger with marinated beef, house made chutney, mayo, gouda cheese, pickles and mesclun salad with shoestring fries. She drank a Coconut Flat White. She said, “Always love Geeks, especially love that they have added AllPro coconut to their milks. #goodinourhood.”

Katie had the Pork Salad and drank an Affogato with a shot of espresso with one scoop of Kapiti vanilla ice cream. She said “Pleasantly surprised to see the quality is kept after so long! And two scoops of icecream in that affogato. Extra points.”

Mel had the Aoraki Smoked Salmon and Avocado Best Ugly Bagel with avocado puree mixed with lemon dill cream cheese, red onion and capers. She drank a Pineapple Juice. She said, “Geeks has great food, plenty of options and really good flavours. So glad it’s one of our locals!”

Bri had the Kale and Pecan Pesto Best Ugly Bagel with avocado puree, portobello mushroom, sliced tomato, cream cheese and sundried tomato. She said, “The food here is consistently good (this bagel is my favourite) and the coffee is amazing. Great place to come to catch up for a coffee, with lots of seating in the sun for summer.”

Jeffrey had the Pork Salad with rice and sunflower seed-crusted pork, house-made chutney, mesclun salad, roasted vegetables and parmesan with yuzu vinaigrette. He drank a Long Black. He said, “The coffee was really good.”

Phil had the Pork Salad also – three times a charm. He drank the green smoothie with kale, banana, pineapple, coconut water, honey and lime juice. He said, “Loved the outdoor in door feel, great favour fusions. Beautiful presentation. A great cafe for a cheeky lunch.”

Kate had the Mince on Toast with savoury premium mince, truffle oil, spinach and a poached egg on sourdough, garnished with deep fried onion and shaved parmesan. She drank a Red Grapefruit Soda. She said, “Nice food and a lovely indoor-outdoor flow and feel. The truffle oil really made the Mince on Toast for me. A perfect relaxed spot for a Friday lunch.”




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