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February 2012



Tucked away in Short St, Newmarket, you would be forgiven for waltzing on by this restaurant’s unassuming shop-front. But we ducked into the somewhat-dark interior and gave it a go…and not for the first time. We had visited the same premises at Christmas in 2010 but this time, the restaurant had a new name, new owners, a new look and a new brand of Japanese cuisine – Teppanyaki (which means ‘iron plate’). We debated the meaning of ‘teppanyaki’ vs. ‘teriyaki’ vs. ‘yakitori’ until our meals arrived – the wait was 30 mins from order to the delivery of the last meal, but they were pretty much forgiven by the kind and smiley waitress (Reuben was convinced she was Innie’s mother), the provision of a kids plate equipped with toy story utensils, and a range of small bits and bites to keep us going. 
We had an enjoyable time but not enough to make us rave, or move it ahead of some of our other favourite Japanese haunts – it may have helped if we were closer to all the culinary action, but someone needs to have the corner booth.

Louise had the Chopsticks Chicken and a Coke. She said ‘The miso soup was outstanding, the salad quite yum, the rest unfortunately quite forgettable for me.’

Innie had the Ocean Delight and an Orange Juice. She said ‘We should’ve finished lunch off with green tea ice-cream…doh!’




Overall experience