November 2014


On the ever-changing food-scape of New North Road, this little French eatery sits quietly. Don’t let its humble exterior fool you, it has a considerably large fawning over their beautiful selection of crepes and galettes; in fact, they’ve got a sister-restaurant on Upper Queen Street.Their servings were generous, flavours wholesome and hearty ‘ Innie’s onion soup stole the show with a moreish topping of croutons and melted cheese’ ah. The only critique would be: their d’cor does NOT do them justice, but we’re just humble Kingsland pixel pushers’ what do we know? πŸ˜‰

Louise had the goats cheese salad and a strawberry cider. She said, ‘The goats cheese was completely superb ‘ served whipped, warm and with crunchy croutons, honey, toasted bacon, walnuts and salad. Loved it.’

Innie had the french onion soup and a french sparkling water. She said, ‘Liked the authentic vibe!’

Katie had Coq Au Vin (braised chicken leg with potatoes and veges). She said, ‘Hearty meal though the colours looked quite dark overall ‘ and the red and white checkered tablecloth? Cliche’ much?’

Mel had la bretonne and a ginger beer. She said, ‘Cosy feel. Crepe was lacking a little flavour, could have done with a bit more bacon but I still really enjoyed the creamy mushrooms.’

Annie had la capri galette. She said, ‘Lots of flavour, delicious. The goat’s cheese was beautiful and smooth.’







Overall Experience