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May 2023



Today’s lunch adventure had us head back into Kingsland to sample the delights of ‘Little Q’, and a delight it was!  Such a great spot right in the heart of Kingsland, positioned right next to the train station entrance, this cafe is not one to pass by. Step inside and settle in, get yourself a fabulous tasting meal, or if you’re a bit pressed for time we would totally recommend trying something from their awesome selection of cabinet food.  The coffees are pretty darn good too, Sam tried one of their mochas and they were next level! We had longtime friend and fellow former designer, Jason, join us while visiting the big smoke.  Awesome to converse over how ‘design’ used to be done in the good old days  … Lou and Jase showing their ages as they passed their wisdom to the younger Huskies.  The noise levels did get a little high at times, but that didn’t dampen the vibe – it is afterall a very popular ‘little’ place with ‘q’ing’ at the door to be expected on a beautiful sunny day 🙂

Total spend – 5 people – $162.00

Louise had Q’s Garden sans tomato and drank an Americano.  She said “The coffee was delicious and just the right temp (seems unusually tricky to navigate for black coffee). Really enjoyed the flavours in the meal which was only really let down by mesclun piled on the top, obscuring the amazing colours/textures on the plate. Noisy cafe but I will be back for sure.”

Mel had parmesan creamy mixed mushrooms and drank a lemon, honey and ginger.  She said “This little place was humming!  Great spot, had lots of options to choose from whether you wanted a full hot meal or something more snack size from their cabinet.  My creamy mushrooms were delish, I would totally recommend it.  It was quite noisy where we sat but what did I expect from someone that had a constant flow of people coming in and out. This didn’t put me off coming back another time, a lovely place to relax and very good food!” 

Sam had the eggs benedict and drank a large mocha.  He said “Little Q is a place I walk and drive past often but never gone into, I was surprised how good it was. One of the best mochas I’ve had in a long time. Lots of yum looking cabinet food and treats available. The food was a good price with good portion sizes and the presentation was awesome. Nice relaxing spot for a coffee and some lunch.”

Sarah had Q’s garden and drank a peppermint tea. She said “Nice vibe inside especially with the sun pouring in the front window. The service was good, they were attentive and friendly. My dish was yum, it was like the equivalent of a vegetarian big breakfast with potato hash, eggplant, herby mushrooms and halloumi. I will say there were too many of the vine tomatoes but the rest was fab. I would come back, it looks like a great spot for a quick take away from the cabinet.”

Jason had Q’s Garden and drank a lemon, honey and ginger.  He said “Nice place, the food was full of flavour, I enjoyed hanging out for a good reminisce with the Huskies, thanks for the invite.”




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