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March 2017



Sometimes we like to pretend we’re clean-eating, chai-sipping, yoga-practising vegans worthy of our central-westie stereotype. Other times we just want to… not be. Today we chose Miss Moonshines, tucked in where the Street Food Collective thrives in the backstreets of Ponsonby, the aromas of slow-cooked, smokey, fall-of-the-bone meat beckoned us to our demise.

Because we can’t just eat one thing ever, we decided to share the following:
-Mac ‘n’ cheese balls with bacon crumb and truffle mayo
-Market fish ceviche with lime, coconut and whitlof
-Pig tail fries with bobby john and aioli
-Pork belly rib with Moonshine’s sticky BBQ sauce, crackling and pickled cabbage
-Beef brisket with Truffle butter and grits

It wasn’t long until we were coma’d out with our food babies. Yep coma’d. It’s a thing. Google it.

Louise had a bit of everything. She said “Enjoyed the ceviche the most. Found the meats beautifully tender but quite similar in finish. Surprised we were the only patrons at Friday lunch!”

Katie had a bit of everything. She said “The Pork Belly was to die for, though I swear some checkered-serviettes were consumed in the middle of cutting up the portions.”

Mel had a bit of everything. She said “Tucked in behind the main Ponsonby Rd hustle and bustle, hides this tipple of moonshine! It was a place that hits your taste buds with strong flavours, smokey and meaty!! It was fairly quiet while we were there but I imagine it fills up fast in the evenings. I personally found the food all a bit too strong, but if you love slow cooked meat then this is a great place for you.”

Joe had a bit of everything and a Ginger Ale. He said “Meat was incredibly tender. Very nice!”

Rebecca had a bit of everything. She said “All the meat was so tender and juicy, really really delicious.”




Overall experience