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December 2014



Mud Pie Deli has pretty mixed reviews on the Google, both from loyal regulars and appalled first-timers. We were hoping to land somewhere in the middle as we pulled in to Point Chev, and our first impression was… well…average. The brown paint and black-and-white patterns really scream for a revamp and the pink and green cushions reminded us of a scene in Hannah Montana. No matter – we were easily distracted with a selection of cookbooks and magazines strewn across the table. On the upside, there is tonnes of space, the staff are cheery and they serve decent Altura coffee and a scrummy selection of deli cabinet food. The menu is the usual café-fare – eggs bene, corned beef & potatoes etc- and decently-sized, meaning it can fill the monstrous stomachs of Katie and Joe. We had a bit of fun browsing their shelves of gourmet oddities (bacon salt!) but all in all, this ain’t the place for ambience and surprises. Mud Pie is much better positioned as a good go-to for a hangover or a coffee on the run.

Louise had the bacon buttie and drank a mocha. She said ‘Bit underwhelmed by the décor and the bread on my sammie was a bit too thick and dry. Bacon good and coffee good. Massive order envy though.’

Innie had the eggs benedict and drank a coffee. She said ‘many selections of good sized, affordable food.’

Katie had the corned beef & potato rumble with poached egg & cajun dressing. She said ‘Decent columbus-level café food.’

Mel had the eggs benedict and drank a sweet chai. She said ‘Not the most exciting cafe experience, but cabinet food was good and not too pricey.’

Joe had the corned beef and potato rumble and drank a spicy chai. He said ‘Good hearty lunch eats.’

Annie had the MPD scramble with salmon and drank the berry smoothie. She said ‘The whole lot was scrambled together, not just the eggs To be honest it looked a bit like chunder and I couldn’t finish it.’




Overall experience