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October 2014



This sunny little lunch bar in Morningside is no stranger to the Huskies, their custom-made pies are coveted (nacho pies with dorito chips, anyone?), and also have a good selection of paleo and vegetarian options. They don’t spoil you seating-wise though, other than a few buckets and crates artfully placed on the deck, but it’s still a treat on a sunny day. they even place bags of used coffee grinds for people to grab ‘ for the gardens, homie.

Innie had the mince and cheese pie and a mocha. She said, ‘home-made! kokako coffee!’

Katie had the thai chicken wrap and a chocolate smoothie. She said, ‘Nice little place to eat near work! Not a lot of smiles from the girls though ‘ and where’s the mustard from mustard kitchen?’

Joe had the steak and venison pie and a gingerella. He said, ‘The low-fi, relaxed feel is nice. The could put a bit more work into the exterior space ‘ perhaps some umbrellas (‘ ‘ella, ‘ella, aye, aye’)’

Annie had the breakfast wrap and plain croissant with a flat white. She said, ‘Coffee and wrap were great. Croissant was not so awesome, possibly not perfectly fresh?’




Overall experience