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August 2023

My Fried Chicken


Continuing on our Ponsonby Central crawl, the Huskies ventured over to My Fried Chicken. This place really is smack right in the middle of the back area of P.C, fully surrounded by people walking around, the hustle and bustle of cooking noises and chatter, tables all closely jammed in to allow for more hungry people. This place is not your kick back and relax in a quiet type vibe, but get in amongst it and enjoy the busyness of it all! 

Fortunately for us we weren’t here to feel the feels, we were here to try the star of the show – the fried chicken. And fried it was! Crunchy, mouthwatering and but unfortunately still somehow not impossible to resist. Yes, we all enjoyed our dishes but the consensus was that there was something missing. The chicken dishes all tasted a bit the same same, lacking in flavour or wow factor. Hopefully this was just a one off, average fried chicken kinda day.

Total spend – 4 people – $114.50

Louise had the fried chicken rice bowl and an Eighthirty coffee. She said, “I was a bit underwhelmed, the place looks great and the vibe around this part of Ponsonby Central is excellent. Just the food didn’t have as much flavour as I was expecting. There was lots to choose from though.”

Mel had the fried chicken rice bowl and an Eighthirty coffee. She said, “My dish unfortunately was a little bland, maybe I should have ordered something with a bit of a kick instead! The cheesy, corn dip was interesting, very gooey and a little tricky trying not to make a mess of it, but had fun trying ;)”

Sam had the smokey pork belly rice bowl and an Eighthirty mocha. He said, “Loving the Ponsonby lunch spots, food and people watching is great.”

Sarah had the fried chicken rice bowl and a raspberry lemon kombucha. She said, “There was anticipation for trying this place amongst the Huskies but I was disappointed. The rice bowl was very beige, nothing to break it up and super dry … not much sauce or dressing to help it. The chicken itself was good in terms of tenderness but the flavour was boring.”




Overall experience

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