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March 2023



The North Island really has had the craziest summer this year,  weather bombs and cyclones hitting us with ferocity and relentlessness. As a result, we have all felt a bit down but we’re definitely not out! 

As a team of people that care about the wellbeing of our wider community, it was a real treat to be part of a fundraising event for cyclone and flood relief called ‘Cooking up a Storm’.  Organised by The Restaurant Association, an awesome and long standing client of Husk, the mission of the night was to gather people around NZ for the biggest ever dinner party, helping to raise money to support those impacted by these weather events.  

As you know, the Huskies love any occasion to eat delicious food AND give back to those in need, so this was a perfect match up.

We brought along our partners and headed downtown (on a Monday night … what!) to the renowned rooftop cocktail bar and restaurant, ‘Palmer’. It had a luxe feel throughout dressed in a mix of art deco, modern and minimalist decor that felt nice enough yet unobtrusive.  

A glass of vino in hand, we were escorted outside to the spacious rooftop area – notable features included elegant fire pits (we all wanted one of these!) and the outlook to the surrounding streets, perfect for people watching. Palmer’s round edges and wooden detailing threaded throughout the restaurant making everything feel warm and sumptuous.  

Wine topped up, a friendly staff member led us to our table and talked us through the preset menu for the night – simple but delicious fare.  

The idea of the night was the real winner – getting friends together to enjoy each other’s company, while doing some good in the NZ hood.  Thanks Restaurant Association for coming up with a fab idea to share some love, and to Palmer who provided their wonderful venue and cooking genius and made it happen!

Shared Menu
Hung blue moki crudo w chimichurri & mandarin powder 

Braised pork ragout w polenta & chimichurri OR Vege eggplant option

Roasted rye ice cream & coconut crumble


Yealands Pinot Noir

Yealands Sauv Blanc

Louise had a bit of everything. She said “Really enjoyed the opportunity for team to hang out after hours and for a good cause – though we were expecting a bit less bang for the buck given it was a fundraiser, the ragout and ice cream felt like very simple, bulk catering options versus the finer dining plating that is heralded on their socials. Also it seemed a little like the staff would’ve preferred to be anywhere else than volunteering perhaps? It can be genuinely tricky to pull these things off tho, so hats off to Palmer for giving it a go for a good cause.”

Mel had a bit of everything.  She said “Awesome to be able to go out as a team along with partners to enjoy the experience. Being a dinner rather than our usual lunch adventures, this felt a little more ’special’.  I loved the feel of Palmer, up market but with a cool edge.  My favourite part of the meal was the entree, the hung blue moki with chimichurri and mandarin powder was a crunchy, little explosion in the mouth! Hoping this great fundraiser gets some well needed help to those that need it.”

Sam had a bit of everything. He said “I liked the concept of the night and hanging with everyone but I feel the food let it down. There wasn’t much food at all, what we got was yum but needed three times the amount ha! Would be a nice spot for Friday drinks though.”

Sarah had a bit of everything with the vegetarian main option.  She said “A great night for a great cause! A really inspired idea by the organisers to gather support for cyclone relief in a fun way. Lovely service and food by Palmer. Loved it.”

Alex had a bit of everything.  He said, “A night out with Husk is always a good time! And even better when it’s a fundraiser. Palmer had nice vibes, great mood lighting and the pork belly was super rich and delicious.”




Overall experience