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April 2023

Petra Shawarma


If quaint, unassuming  and homely is your vibe then this little Kingsland local has your name on it. Providing authentic Jordanian cuisine from a family owned business, the food is bursting with amazing flavours that make you feel like you have been transported into the Middle East. Petra offer a variety of meat dishes which are succulent and juicy, along with plenty of vegan options for those not wanting to partake in a meat fest.  

We entered through an aged wooden door to what was an empty restaurant that day – it was hard to tell if it was even open – but after calling to the back kitchen area, the owner Dalal Omar, greeted us and was happy to get us settled in. 

Everything on the menu is made from scratch by Dalal herself, heart and soul poured in. Her sunny demeanour and enthusiasm and ability to create fresh, good food are what bring back the regulars! The service can however be slow (Damal can be found with multiple hats on as she serves, cooks and cleans on her own … amazing talent right there), but we felt the wait was well worth it. If you’re looking to dine in a cosy, wholesome, family friendly, vegan friendly place, this is definitely one to try out … the flavours will impress. You’re bound to want a return visit!

Louise had the Arais and drank a Jordanian cardamom coffee. She said “Love the food here – always tasty and always delish, perfectly cooked and balanced. Today was a ‘mare for the single staff member on (who was telephone answerer, front of house, chef and dishy!) but she managed super well and was super friendly and apologetic. Service has been 100% laggy every time I have eaten here, but the food is always worth the wait”.

Sam had the Jordanian Shawarma and drank a mocha. He said “Love this little place, the food is so good and everyone’s meals looked really yummy, I would love to go back and try something different”.

Sarah had the Jordanian Mandi w/ Chicken. She said, “This was a rice and cashew dish that was full of flavour and perfectly cooked chicken. Just what I was hoping for. I felt bad for the one girl running the place but man can she cook! The vibe was just ok but I will be back for the food for sure.” 




Overall experience