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November 2014



Tucked away in Freeman’s Bay, wrapped in ivy (pretty pretty), Queenie’s Lunchroom boasts an eclectic mix of 1950’s vinyl, multi-coloured coffee cups and a feature chandelier of antlers. On first look, the menu seemed sparse in contrast to the decor, but we were pleasantly surprised when the orders arrived — the flavours were bold and portions reasonable. Annie seemed to win the order-envy contest once more with an exotic platter of vegetarian fare – hummus, chickpeas, avo, haloumi and toasted pide. Coffees seemed a bit on the small side, but hey, it’s Supreme — can’t go wrong with that. We found this café care of the Metro Top 50 and it was marked in the Top 10 – not sure we would quite go that far, but we enjoyed ourselves regardless.

Louise had the Sugared-Prawn Omelette and a Mocha. She said ‘My fave part was the outdoor aspect of the building with the leafy fascade, shelter from the wind/rain and cool coke crate stools. Omelette was super yum (it seems their all-day menu has a strong egg theme) and it was filling too. Mocha was lovely but on the small side – really needed two :)’

Katie had the Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pot Pie and a Chai Latte. She said ‘Chai was quite petite, but that’s alright ’cause the pie was massive: packed with bacon and smokey chicken! Would have loved to sit in the sun as it was a little chilly inside’

Mel had the Bacon & Egg Sammie with tomato, red onion, rocket, aioli, Queenies tomato chilli jam and a Benger:Apple & Boysenberry. She said ‘Loved it! Yummy sandwich with nice thick, grainy bread and the chilli jam was delicious. Cool little atmosphere tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ponsonby.’

Joe had the Huevos Rancheros and a Nectarine Juice. He said ‘Nice décor. Servings were a bit of the small side though.’




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