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April 2016



We’ll admit it. We picked this place for Husk lunch because of an Instagram photo. But who would, on a particular peckish May afternoon, be able to resist that hot plate of loaded fries? Seated in their open courtyard, we admired the grungy tables, black and etched in funky slogans and designs to reveal the blonde wood underneath. We sipped our drinks imagining summer-night fiestas with pontoon lights. At the counter they have an eclectic assortment of drinks on offer, including Good George Beers, Evil Child Hot Chocolates, and just to tip the scale… a guilt-free “supa smoothie”, featuring raw cacao, fresh dates, banana, almond milk and a shot of expresso. Three of those thanks. The day menu was decidedly lighter than the night, hosting a good selection of vegetarian and gluten-free items. No mention of loaded fries though which turned out to be night menu only. We must’ve looked particularly attractive (or gutted) though, ‘cos the kitchen kindly whipped some up for us anyway. Win! Crunchy curly fries smothered in a generous, tomato-ey dollop of vegan chilli, topped with spicy jalapeños cheese, glorious nacho cheese. Can we go back already?

Louise had the cheeseburger with side of beetroot and a mocha. She said “Happy times, loved the staff and service, loved sitting in the sun. Excellent burger, good coffee. Can’t particularly fault it.”

Innie had the cheeseburger with slaw and the loaded fries and a plum cider. She said “Was perfect for a cruisy Friday afternoon.”

Katie had the cheeseburger with slaw and the loaded fries and a raw cacao smoothie. She said “Waitress was super down-to-earth and friendly! Food came a bit sporadically though, otherwise love the open area and spiral staircase!”

Mel had the cheeseburger with slaw and a green smoothie. She said “Cool place, hipster staff with a very friendly style. Yummy burger, slaw was a bit disappointing, I’d go the loaded fries next time … and there will be a next time for sure!”

Joe had the poached eggs with side of bacon and a green smoothie. He said “Nice little local almost hidden in the ‘burbs’.”




Overall experience