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March 2015



Ramendo – meaning “the way of the ramen” – has been voted one of the Top 100 Metro Cheap Eats in 2014 and they are famously said to take two days to create their signature stock! A petite little eatery on Upper Symonds, they serve a selection of soy, salt and miso-based ramen. If you’re more of a rice fan, there’s donburi, as well as your typical sides of edamame and gyoza. Their steady stream of customers consists usually of hungry male university students and we were quick to find out why. The bowls of ramen were HUGE, with ample servings of charshu pork, spring onions, bean sprouts, kikurage, springy noodles and — get this —a beautiful soft-boiled egg with an ember translucent centre. The mini mortar and pestle set with roasted sesame seeds was also a nice touch. The hot, hearty soup had us slurping and sweating in the faux-leather seats – in hindsight, this’d be better suited for the winter months when you are craving for something rich, nourishing and good for the wallet.

Louise had the teriyaki chicken bowl a green tea & miso. She said ‘Service was a bit slow, teriyaki chicken was pretty normal, décor left a lot to be desired. However, this is cheap and cheerful and would be a great lunch option for businesses in walking distance.’

Innie had the miso ramen. She said ‘It’s been a while since i’ve seen such a generous portion! I could’ve shared one ramen with a friend and would still feel full!’

Katie had the hokkaido miso ramen with mince, pork belly and charshu pork. She said ‘The orders took a while to arrive together so a couple of people had to wait while their food gets cold, my serving of mince was also cold, the serving sizes were great though.’

Mel had the teriyaki chicken don and the sushi seaweed salad and drank a green tea. She said ‘A little underwhelmed, the wait for the food was not so fab, flavours were average, but great value for your buck!’

Joe had the mukashi ramen. He said ‘Good value, but flavours a little bit on the stale side.’

Annie had the soy based vegetable soup and a green tea. She said ‘The soup was enormous and was nice. It could have done with a feature flavour to make it more exciting.’




Overall experience