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January 2024

sea breeze


It was hot, it was Friday and it was the Huskies first lunch out of 2024. We were in desperate need of somewhere with some seriously relaxing vibes to match our, ‘We’re back at work but mentally still on holiday!’ kinda feels. Sea Breeze was definitely the right choice, their super friendly and humorous team were just the boost we needed, the kind of service that makes you feel like a regular when you’re not. We sat outside and enjoyed the cool sea breeze (as their name promises) and a menu which did not disappoint.

There were a couple of items that had sold out when we came to order, gotta be in early ;), but that didn’t mean we missed out. Smoothies, juices and coffees were ordered to start and the dishes ordered had awesome flavours and good portions. We walked away feeling just a tad too full but also very happy, no regrets. If you decide to head down to Westmere this summer for a bite to eat, this place is worth popping into. Some sea-iously good food awaits you!

Total spend – 4 people – $150.20

Louise had the Bharta eggs and drank a green juice. She said, “Whooshing and westerly wind aside, this was a great experience from start to finish. The front of house crew were all on point today. Funny, relaxed, relatable, on time. Food was delish and stoked noises all around. I will definitely return. ”

Mel had the Quesadilla and drank a cacao smoothie. She said, “I love this little spot, often busy which to me means that the food and service is good. And it was just that. Fun place to enjoy the great flavours and be out with the Husky team again in a brand new year!”

Sam had the Green Eggs and drank a mocha. He said, “Super nice food and a really great menu. I really want to try more things. Everything looks good.”

Sarah had the Bharta eggs and drank a green juice. She said, “Great service! Everyone was super friendly. The food was good too, great flavour and spice in the egg dish I had. There was definitely a fresh sea breeze and local vibe which I really enjoyed. All round, I had a good time.”




Overall experience

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