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January 2017



For some reason every week we get out to Point Chev, it’s sunny and bright. And we think it’s a pretty apt way to describe Spilt Milk, tucked beside the old-school stalwart of a shopping arcade. White tiling and pine wood, tick. Pastel feature wall, tick. Copper circle mirror, tick. Six Barrel Sodas, tick – these guys have “trendy” down to the t. The lack of a bathroom was a bit of a surprise, although there were a set of public ones outside of the shopping complex. We were particularly intrigued by the Vietnamese-inspired items on the menu – apparently the Vietnamese coffee packed quite a punch, might be the Velo beans though. Next time we’re keen to try the coffee tonic and Becka’s Feed the Vegan, though maybe with a side of chicken #notthepoint.

Louise had the Smoked Salmon ‘Best Ugly Bagel’ and a Flat White. She said “Enjoyed my bagel immensely. The coffee was good, though not a fan of chocolate syrup. Felt like customer service was scant and laggy but meals for 10 peeps arrived within 5 minutes of each other which is no mean feat. Cute, clean and quiet spot.”

Innie had the Smoked Salmon Bene Deluxe and a Bittersweet Juice. She said “It’s always nice to have that café in the neighbourhood where you can just hang out; the food was good, environment was good, and so it was good.”

Katie had the Vietnamese Beef Pho. She said “Loved the fit out of the store and good effort with the pho, the lukewarm soup was a bit of a downer though.”

Mel had the Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. She said “What a great little hidden treasure! Soft, relaxing, modern décor, flavours were unexpectedly good. Fun to have some of our Husky offspring join us before school goes back (including my youngest who LOVED being with the team!) I will be returning.”

Joe Had the Gado Gado and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. He said “Menu items not super original, but impressive range of drinks.”

Rebecca had the ‘Feed the Vegan’ Stir fried Tofu and a Bittersweet Juice. She said “I liked the fusion aspect, the scrambled tofu as a base was an interesting twist – would be keen to go and try a few more things.”




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