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June 2018



Did someone say Spanish tapas? Chargrilled peppers, sun-dried tomato flavours and seafood paella strewn with prawns and saffron… yes puh-lease! Most of us had heard of the one in Newmarket but this one’s a real special variation. Waltz through the seats up front and into their spacious courtyard — olive trees tower overhead, festoon lights are strung up in their branches, an open bar sits at one end with a wood-fired kitchen buzzing away in the other. Lovely summer night vibes for sure. The gang tucked warmly under the heaters and service was amiable and they even had an separate vegetarian menu if you asked for it. All in all a very enjoyable meal, here’s the stuff that we shared:

The Tasca Tapas Lunch Plate with smoky eggplant dip, olives, albondiga meatballs and potato & pork bomba with smoked paprika aioli, served with Spanish grilled tomato bread
The Olive Garden Picnic Platter with salami, pastrimi pate, potato & pork bomba, smoky eggplant dip, olives, feta & fennel tzatziki with beetroot jam, grilled haloumi cheese with mint salad, served with Spanish grilled tomato bread
The Tasca Grill with scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo sausage, sauteed potatoes, grilled tomato and mushrooms, served on Turkish toast with relish
A Lahmajun, a Istanbul street food – beef ‘pizza’ with rocket, tomato & a good squeeze of lemon.
Bri also had the Vegan Pizza with potato, caramelised onion, rosemary, fresh tomato and rocket.

Cara, our super-hero freelancer also joined us for lunch at Tasca that day. She said: “Great outdoor area. Might be a bit biased as I love this type of food!”

So are we Cara, so are we.

Katie said “That Potato & Pork Bomba is amazing, so is the eggplant dip!”

Bri said “Cosy place with a large outdoor garden area, well heated for winter with heaters and blankets. Their menu has a large selection, including seperate vegetarian and vegan menus – yay!”

Jeffrey said “Food was very good, I will go back.”

Phil said “Really enjoyed the food, Super delicious and great service.”




Overall experience