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September 2016



The keyword coming from everyone, whether in relation to the eclectic light fittings, the mismatched floral shirts or the apple milk-tea flavour was…. ‘interesting’ and our heads swum as we tried to pin just what kind of food culture the restaurant was embracing. The menu stamped with tiki figures carry a host of Chinese flavours (roast duck, scallops and pork wontons, wok-fried black tiger prawns), while island beats jangled in the background. Dried coconuts decorated the bar, surrounded by a sea of wooden poles, while oriental bamboo baskets were served from the steamy kitchen. A quick search on their website told us “sensational flavors of regional China in the lush, laid-back surrounds of a Pacific Island paradise”. Bang on. Just what we were thinking. Errr… kind of.

The menu is a shared-plate system, so we all got to try mouthfuls of crispy pork belly and chilli clams. Don’t ask us why kimchi appeared on the list, as it’s not Chinese or Pasifica. Nor is cured salmon. But hey, it was delicious and who can tell the difference? By the end of it, we were all in various stages of food comas. That Husk lunch also marked the last day as a Husky for our talented developer Emilie — we’ll be missing her solely gif-centred conversations on the group chat and code wizardry. All the best for the new adventures that await you, Em. Sending you off with lots of love and dumplings!

Louise had a range of shared plates. She said “Service a little laggy but food was great. Presentation and flavour excellent. It might just be me but I find fusion branding often very confusing – statue iconography and hawaiian shirts on the staff mixed with a chinese menu and an eclectic, can’t-quite-decide interior made for a lot of puzzled staring.”

Katie had a bit of everything and drank a hairy coconut. She said “Hello, cultural appropriation. I’d be keen to come try their cocktails menu another day.”

Mel had a mixture of all the shared dishes and an apple milk tea. She said “Fusion, fusion, fusion! A lot of atmosphere, busy vibe, people everywhere. Tasty asian flavours, feeling the love from the rose in my apple milk tea.”

Joe had the hot and numbing ground wild boar and a selection of the other dishes and a punch. He said “Great food, great service.”

Emilie had some of all the dishes we ordered and the apple chinese milk tea with condensed milk. She said “Amazing!”

Rebecca ordered the pork and scallop dumplings and also black tiger prawn wonton but tasted everything. She said “Loved it!! A really interesting experience with the mix of Asian cuisine and the Hawaiian inspiration.”




Overall experience