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August 2023

The Breakfast Club


This 50’s style diner in Point Chevalier is something else.  Even before you step in the door you are greeted with a super cheerful colour palette and this feast for your eyes continues inside with a real mix of psychedelic chic patterns and fun eclectic decor. The Breakfast Club was pumping – so busy we almost didn’t score a table – but with helpful staff who  shuffled and rejigged, we got our hungry butts on some seats! The food choices were varied and very much in diner style, from Nashville fried chicken (hello fried chicken lovers!) to stacked, fluffy pancakes, waffles/croffles, thick shakes and scrumptious ice creams.  Their neon sign above the kitchen says “Flippin’ Delicious” and they’re not wrong. We all said we’d love to come back and try some more, even if it’s just for coffee and a treat from their equally yum cabinet. Sugar addicts get your fix! The Breakfast Club is a welcome addition to the Pt. Chev shops and we have no doubt they’ll be busy ‘waking up the neighbours’ for quite some time 😉

Total spend – 5 people – $133.80

Louise had Nashville fried chicken croffle.  She said, “Given it’s recent opening, the cafe was unsurprisingly full and the staff kept so busy that there wasn’t even a full grid of insta posts yet! Decor and layout felt quirky and haphazard but somehow worked. Both the food cabinet and menu were legit and I particularly enjoyed my indulgent fried chicken croffle maple fest. Not sure about slaw with a waffle though! Too much for my brain.”

Mel had the club benny with portobello mushrooms, and drank hot chocolate.  She said, “Loved the atmosphere in this place, busy but fun.  The staff were super helpful in making sure we got a good place to sit. My dish was a little disappointing as it lacked a bit of flavour but everyone else’s orders looked really good so I would definitely come back to try again.”

Sam had the veggie bowl. He said, “It’s a new spot I’ve been looking forward to going to since it opened – it’s right next to my gym which I walk past most days. Really cool fit out with comfortable seating and lots to look at around the place.”

Sarah had the meatball medley.  She said, “This place was a delight for the eyes, so colourful and so many pictures on the wall to look at. I was sceptical of the menu ‘cos it seems to be trying to fill that OTT American diner style space, but I was surprised at how good it was! My chicken meatballs were super flavourful and well cooked. Just perfect for a cold wintery day. Would visit again, especially for their beautiful cabinet food.”




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