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November 2023

The Hidden Village


Next up on our Ponsonby Central crawl was The Hidden Village, if South-East Asian inspired street food is what you’re looking for then go no further! This place has a great casual feel, with the option to sit up at a bar to watch all the creative magic happen in the kitchen, or sit at the tables adorned by very colourful and tropical tablecloths. The menu is a treasure trove of flavours, designed for sharing style eating, just the way we like it! There were lots of options to choose from with a mix of meat, vegetarian, gluten free options that kept everybody happy. If you’re up for a culinary trip into some seriously delicious Asian flavours, get your food-loving buddies down to experience this not so Hidden Village.

Total spend – 5 people – $136.50

Louise had a bit of everything. She said, “Really enjoyed the crispy cauliflower and yum yum fried chicken – both were delicately flavoured, crispy and not oily. Edamame wontons and wok-fried broccolini were also a highlight! Found the mi goreng a bit overpowering but otherwise, stoked on the whole thing. Absolutely delish.”

Mel had a bit of everything. She said, “Fab place to eat, the flavours were really good, my highlight was the crispy cauliflower. Loved the fun tablecloths and buzzing atmosphere.”

Sam had a bit of everything. He said, “Lots of different options to choose from at lunch today. Nothing really jumped out to be outstanding and a hero but it was all nice and enjoyable to eat. I can’t say I would go back there as there are so many good options around.”

Sarah had a bit of everything. She said, “I had never tried Filipino food so this was a nice experience. Being in busy Ponsonby Central it is pretty busy and has limited seating. Good flavours although super salty by the end of the meal (on reflection this could have been our ordering, as we didn’t get any veggies at all ha!)”




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