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October 2023

Tokyo Club


We recently embarked on a culinary adventure at Tokyo Club, right smack in the heart of Ponsonby Central, and let us tell you, it was a flavour-packed rollercoaster of deliciousness. We were joined by Sarah’s fiance, Alex, and Mel’s partner, Jason – always a pleasure to have our fave extras come along for the fun! 

Walking in, we were greeted with a vibrant and busy street food vibe and the choice of sitting inside or outside – outside it was. The lane area had large tables, each centred by a fire pit, adding a super atmospheric and fun feel to the experience. 

As for the food, the sushi and sashimi, grilled eggplant, handmade gyoza dumplings and teriyaki chicken were all on point!  The mix of sweet and savoury flavours, alongside the freshness and the pretty plating, will pull you back for seconds. Whether you’re a die-hard Japanese food fan or just looking for an amazing lunch, this place won’t disappoint. It’s a slice of Tokyo right here in Ponsonby. Satisfy your taste buds – we sure did! Arigato gozaimasu!

Total spend – 6 people – $333.50

Shared food options:

Grilled eggplant with miso-yaki sweet coating

Salad seaweed

Teriyaki karaage chicken

Fried handmade gyoza dumplings

Edamame beans


Teriyaki tofu & ginger

Honey & soy kumara chips

Rice on the side

Louise had a bit of everything. She said, “Love Japanese, love Sashimi, love it all. Good times, good peeps.”

Mel had a bit of everything. She said, “Fun place to go for our team + partners social night out. It felt atmospheric, loved sitting at a table with a fire pit in the middle, totally wanting one of these at home! The food just kept coming, flavours were great and the company was awesome. This place felt just a little bit more ‘fancy’ than your average Japanese restaurant, loved it!” 

Sam had a bit of everything and drank a a special green cocktail. He said, “Fun night out. Japanese food is always good and so much flavour. The raw fish was a highlight for me I can never get enough of it.”

Sarah had  a bit of everything and a yuzu sake. She said, “I love Japanese food and this was super fresh and yom! The sashimi and the miso eggplant were the highlights for sure. Real generous portions, fresh and super yummy. The dumplings and veggies were less exciting but I would still eat here again anytime.”




Overall experience

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