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August 2015



Finding a park in the rooftop area was a bit of a mish, having to navigate between labelled parks (or risk getting towed) — we recommend getting a taxi drop-off, or helicopter ride, or heck, just parachute in. The menu at a glance was appealing enough — with promises of japanese furikaki, tempura battered fish and five-spiced braised beef cheeks. The result? Well… let’s just the description kinda trumped reality. Not sure what happened but overall the majority of our dishes were surprising…and not in a good way. However, definitely go for the coffee – Burton’s roast is a full-bodied blend with subtle chocolate notes and silky crema — Tuihana even grant you a jaffa on the side. Nice one.

Louise had the Picnic of Chicken Furikaki and a Mocha. She said ‘To be honest, I was completely underwhelmed. I imagined a ‘picnic’ to somehow be a selection of foody bites arranged together but instead it was a chicken and rice meal. The brown rice seemed more white and had heated avocado and pear in it (not okay) and the cilantro – always the reason I choose a dish – was completely missing. Had the printed menu come with the images on the web menu, I might’ve chosen differently.’

Innie had the Garlic Prawn Poncho Salad and a Latte. She said ‘good portion but average for the taste.’

Katie had the Chicken Furikaki with Ponzu, Brown Rice, Pear, Avocado & Cilantro and a Latte. She said ‘It’s a great place to go for coffee! Just the coffee.’

Mel had the Pork Stack and a Berry Smoothie. She said ‘Smoothie was the best thing about this eating experience, the meal was filled with way too many weird flavour combinations and mayo for my liking!’

Joe had the Open Steak Sandwhich and a Berry Smoothie. He said ‘Flavours could do with improvement.’

Annie had the fish and chips and a berry and honey smoothie. She said ‘The paper menus were old and filthy. No honey in the smoothie. The food was pretty average. The waitress was great but there wasnt anything else going for the place except the giant mural of Piha.’





Overall experience