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July 2023



On the continuation of our Kingsland crawl we headed into the very cool and funky pizza joint ‘Umu’ to see what crazy pizza delights could be found. It was pretty quiet for a Friday lunch sesh, which meant we had a choice of where we sat and didn’t have to queue up or squeeze in with any other hungry peeps. Bonus!  It’s been a hot minute since the Huskies have walked through these doors to partake in their slow-rise circles of sourdough deliciousness that they’re known for. These are no ordinary pizzas, they are created by a 36-48 hour fermentation cycle, producing a tender and flavourful crust that is apparently easier to digest than other dough.  No bloating for us thanks to this fine-tuned recipe… well at least that’s what they tell us. 

We ordered three different options – the standout fave being the Cheeseburger pizza, yes you heard us right, cheeseburger!  It was bang on, their experimental approach to add some fun to the flavours well and truly on the mark.  The service was also awesome, we loved the friendly vibe and chatty chats.  Would totally recommend a visit but if you go on a weekend be prepared to queue, which gives you a great excuse to try some of the many craft beers and organic wines while you wait.  Win, win.

Total spend – 5 people – $157.00

Shared food options:

Cheeseburger Pizza 

Wood-fired Cajun Chicken, Caramelised Onion and Red Pepper Pizza

Artichoke, Olive, Friarielli & Mozzarella Pizza

Louise had a bit of everything and drank a Morningcider Strawberry Rosé.  She said, “Actually I enjoyed it more than last time – the big hit for me was the Cheeseburger Pizza. Never tried that before and I am well into it. Service was top notch, helpful and chatty and so was our special guest 😉 – love finding Morningcider on tap too #allthefeels.”

Mel had a bit of everything and drank a fizzy feijoa.  She said, “Really liked this place, the pizza bases were epic, super soft and not too heavy.  Toppings were inventive and tasty.  We shared everything ordered which meant I got to sample multiple options, winning!  The place felt comfy and trendy. It wasn’t super busy but when it is I imagine this place would be very atmospheric.  Friendly service.”

Sam had a bit of everything. He said, “ I can’t say Umu is my go to Pizza place. I think the pizzas look better than they taste.”

Sarah had a bit of everything.  She said, “I was always a fan of Umu pizza, I love a woodfired base, but this was definitely different to last time I had it as it’s changed hands. The pizzas were still good but not as great. The cajun chicken number had nice flavours but didn’t knock my socks off while the artichoke pizza was nice but dripping in oil. Otherwise the service was good and the space had good vibes. It’s pretty good but worth the $$$? I am not sure.”

Jarrod had a bit of everything and drank a hazy pale ale.  He said, “The cheeseburger pizza was a good time, I’d give that 9/10, the other flavours were fair 6/10 .”




Overall experience

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