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December 2013



Verona has been part of the K’road furniture for as long as we can remember, and probably longer – and not in a bad way. More in a familiar, assuring way like your most comfortable chair.

We had typically only experienced Verona as a night venue (read: awesome), so it was our first foray into the daytime cafe experience.

Coffee was good. The menu was intriguing and had enough appetising choices for us to want to come back for a second run at it. Service was prompt and helpful and the seating at the back afforded us some quiet from the hustle and bustle of K’road. It was a nice, relaxed lunch followed by an amble through the great shops in close proximity. 

The sweets cabinet was full and replete with gluten and vegan options. Though, to be honest, they looked better than they actually were. #lessonlearnt

Louise had Verona Trio (chorizo coffee marinated beef and sicilian pork sausage w/ saut.ed potatoes and sauerkraut) and a Green Smoothie (Kale, Sorrel, Honey, Banana and Lime). She said ‘Very tasty and interesting food but possibly a bit too heavy for lunch on a hot sunny day. Had trouble choosing though, so may need to venture back and try some more options. #veronavero-o-o-na’

Innie had Smoked Kahawai Pie (local smoked fish silver beet, kumara, agria potato mash) and a Mocha. She said ‘um yum and loved the hint of kumara.’

Katie had Lamb Meatballs On Fresh Linguine (on a tuscan tomato sauce). She said ‘Funky place to be.’




Overall experience