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October 2016



It’s been well over two years since our last visit to Woodworks in Avondale. It’s been closed for repairs since a fire broke out last July and the Auckland café scene definitely felt its loss. To be honest, even if they branched out from the food industry and took to selling their handmade industrial whitewashed-wood and steel creations, we reckon they’d still do pretty well – we wanted to take those cool-ass tables home. Food-wise, the plating seemed a bit less polished than the painstakingly delicate pieces we remembered, though the coffee was just as good as ever. The rosemary-salted fries were the bomb – totally works, wood you believe? #seewhatwedidthere

Louise had the smashed avocado with feta and a young coconut. She said “I do love the feel of Woodworks, and especially that its our french crew from our local Petit Bocal, and I am stoked they have reopened again! I was a bit underwhelmed with the thick toast and sparse feta but the avocado was perfection. Whipping the plastic off the chilled/delicious coconut would have gone a long way aesthetically but I was distracted by the beautiful surrounds to really notice. #festoons”

Innie had the eggs benedict with mushroom and tomato on the side with a decaf latte. She said “Love it, love it, love it!”

Katie had the crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich with avocado, crispy bacon, cos lettuce served with rosemary salted fries and chipotle mayo. She said “T’was good to see them back again! Plate presentation seems to be different from how I last remembered though, bit rougher.”

Mel had the pulled pork bun and a cranberry oolong tea. She said “So great to see this place back open! Lovely big space, friendly staff and yummo food.”

Joe had the potato rosti with salmon and a lemon, lime and bitters. He said “Nice to see these guys back in business.”

Rebecca had the gluten free potato rosti and a cranberry oolong tea. She said “The Potato Rosti had a unique flavour and was delicious!”




Overall experience