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December 2020



Sometimes you just need that comforting hug of a hearty south-eastern noodle dish: spicy saucy goodness, carbs for days. Today was one such day. Dominion Road has numerous asian eateries, you could basically eat your way down each one every day and not finish till about September, but this one is worth coming back to. Spacious seating, well lit and ventilated, more options in the menu than your bright, bright future. If you’re into hearty and flavourful, a laksa or curry dish could do no wrong, and if you want something more simple in flavour, why not the Hainanese chicken rice? The bird is poached in aromatics (lemongrass, pandan leaves, spring onions to name a few), and the rice is made from that fragrant stock. It’ll send you straight to food heaven and make you wonder why you bother with plain rice ever in your life. Take note, the portions in this place are generous, so come with a big appetite or a takeaway box, especially if you’re keen to try out their fun drinks menu (cold milk tea with grass jelly please). We know we will next time.

Louise had the Singapore Style Fried Prawn Noodles. She said, “Forgot to look at the food photo before ordering as I was hoping for stir fried noodles and these looked somewhat pasty and gluey in comparison. My own fault. Troughed them down though. Service spotty and disengaged though the place was super full. A mixed bag for me.”

Katie had the Hainese Chicken Rice. She said,” Pleasantly surprised! Good portions, clean and fast service.

Mel had the Curry Chicken with Rice. She said, “Value you for money right here people. When the place is full, the meals are coming out without too much delay and the food was very tasty, that combo equates to a good meal…especially if you’re really hungry! I’m super lucky that I live just round the corner because this might just become one of my regular spots, oh and they do takeaway ;).”

Jeffrey had the Seafood Curry Laksa, Salt & Pepper Chicken. He said, “It will help to have pictures in all their food items.”

Phil had the Char Kuay Teow. He said, “Enjoyed the food, but it wasn’t a standout.”

Steph had the Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion on Rice. She said, “Quick and smiley staff. Very tender and flavoursome food, probably better for sharing with some sides. Liked the cornflakey texture of the crunchy fried chicken batter. I had a nice time and was so full!”




Overall experience