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November 2018



Phil’s Kitchen often brings happy memories of delicately-placed dishes with micro-herbs and velvet seating. If that was considered a fresh take to fine dining, then Phil Clarke’s new venture across the road is a fresh take on family dining. We loved the sun streaming in from the wooden French doors and bright white ceilings and tableware. There’s a distinct modern kiwi home vibe to everything with its powder blue accents, white subway tile feature walls and a large grey lounging sofa complete with an overflowing tox box.

Everything on the menu was generous in portion and just freaking delicious. The calamari was succulent and in all honesty, a little bit dangerous – while the angus sirloin, according to Piripiri, is the best he’s ever tasted. And… can just we talk about that Beef Cheek burger? The meat was so soft and tender it fell apart (in the best possible way) with a gentle nudge of the fork. Why aren’t more people talking about this place? For the love of food, just go.

Louise had the Crispy Pork Belly with freekeh, broccoli, apricot & carrot puree and shared the Cauliflower Cheese & Calamari. She said “Really enjoy Phil’s work, both at Phil’s Kitchen and at Kingsland Social. Loved the calamari – it was flawless, crisped to perfection. Pork belly tasty albeit a little chewy. Cauliflower cheese light and delicious. Total happiness.”

Katie had the Slow-cooked beef cheek burger with cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, fries & aioli. She said “The braised beef cheek was so soft it comes apart (in the best possible way) by just gently nudging it with the fork. So, so good. Come here if you want delicious, honest food that gives you bang for your buck!”

Mel had the Chicken Breast, gnocchi and asparagus. She said “What a fab place to go for a relaxed meal! Super lovely staff, family and pet-friendly and there was no compromise on flavour… best chicken I’ve had in ages!”

Bri had the Vegetable Tart with smoked aubergine, goat cheese, walnut & honey and a Bokchoy side. She said “Everyone loved the food, unfortunately vegetarian options were limited. The vegetarian tart was spot on. “

Phil had the Riverland Angus Sirloin with fries, herb butter & salad. He said “The food was just incred! Loved everything. Amazing!”




Overall experience