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January 2017



During the peckish days of our university years, there was one simple rule: “When in doubt, go to Mt Eden Road” where the likes of Frasers and Circus Circus awaited us with nibbles, cosy tables for lazy conversation and semi-okay parking. Now we enviously watch students being pampered with the likes of RADGarden ShedPasta & CuoreOlaf’s and now… Scarlett Simms & Lucky (on top of said eateries). We try not to sound too bitter.

Taking to the sunny front porch of Scarlett Simms & Lucky, we oggled the menus disguised as retro crime novels. The Frankenstein-esque “Build-Your-Own Mains” were interesting and probably better suited to people who know what they are doing. What would hapuka taste like with braised apple and red wine jus? Lured by the $15 burger deal, most of us ordered that — it was served on a saucer that sat on top of a wooden platter which looked great but provided a culinary spinning saucer challenge every time you try to put a fork to it. Pretty hilarious. Perhaps they’re teaching us to pick up the burger with our bare hands like the real burger eater-ers (i.e. Lou). Mel’s hand-cut kumara fries are a worthy mention – just check out the photo.

Our guest Husky and lunch reviewer today was Frank Ritchie, who had the Scarlett’s Fish Burger (fresh fish, saffron coconut cream, braised fennel, sundried tomatoes, greens with skinny fries). He said: “If I was going to rate it based on the company I was with, my rating would be very high indeed. It was a good lunch. An order was mixed up at our table so I felt for Joe sitting next to me and not eating, but that was rectified with apologies. I loved the look of the burger with a fat pickle stabbed into the top of it. I would have loved the amount of fish to be a little more generous but it was still a great burger. The win for me was the saffron coconut cream on the burger. That provided a high interest factor and for that reason I’d gladly eat there again! The food was fresh and yum.”

Louise had the pork belly burger. She said “Really enjoyed my pork belly burger – pork crisped to perfection, slices of apple were delightful and chutney the perfect balance of spice and fresh. Stoked.”

Katie had the crispy chicken burger with Franks hot sauce and a capsicum & apricot chutney. She said “Waiter was very nice who despite a minor mix-up replaced one of our dishes quickly. Cool vibes, impressed with the portions and Mel’s hand-cut kumara chips!”

Mel had the wild rocket and feta salad with grape, mandarin, pepitas and cranberries and a side of kumera fries. She said “Lovely spot, gorgeous flavours, good sizes. Being in the heart of Mt Eden village there is a hum about the place, we sat outside and when the sun came out it got hot! I would love to go again for an evening experience… they had fairy lights!”

Joe had the pork belly burger and a lemon lime and bitters. He said “Solid range of food, given that this is awatering hole. Definitely a bit of step up from standard pub food.”

Rebecca had the Scarlett’s fish burger. She said “A tasty fish burger and nommy fries that didn’t disappoint. Solid food combined with a trendy interior, makes it the place to be.”




Overall experience