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December 2017



Christmas is iconic at Husk for being one of the most memorable Husk lunches of the year. Reasons being a) the locations are always epic, b) Husks’ “favourite things” present tradition and c) cocktails. Hip Group’s Amano been on everyone’s foodie radar for ages and we were absolutely spoiled. These guys take the freshest ingredients and are able to draw out the purest of flavours from each one — sounds basic but really not. Also loving the range of yummy greens and seafood — our favourite pescaterian had more than two food choices for once! The industrial fit-out with sepia tones and dried flowers hanging from the roof were a visual feast; while the wealth of staff on the floor ensured each table were well looked after. We think every restaurant should strive to be like Amano, but maybe we’re biased.

What we ordered:
Tomato, torn basil & pine nuts
Raw courgette, mint, caper & sesame
New season potatoes & mint butter
Chargrilled sweetcorn, butter, chilli
Chargrilled lamb rump, courgette, olive & feta
Kingfish crudo, sweetcorn, chilli & prosciutto
Chitarra pasta, scampi, tomato & chilli
Chargrilled Kahawai, onion & Anchovy crumb

Espresso & mascarpone trifle
Strawberry, yoghurt & almond
White chocolate, passionfruit & lemon
Chocolate budino & raspberry

Our huskys’ favourite things:
Lou: Fairy Lights
Mel: Beach essentials (beach towel)
Sabrina: Boardgames (Phase10)
Rebecca: Hare & Bear soy melts & burner
Katie: Waterballons (only those Zuru ones)

Louise She said “Love Amano, love the vibe, love the fresh ingredients, love the slick service, love it all.”

Katie She said “Might be Christmas in the air or this place is that good. Guess I need to come back again (and again) to check?”

Mel She said “What a fab place to celebrate our Husky end of year. Great atmosphere, a tad fancy with loads of delicious flavours!”

Bri She said “A place with the whole package: amazing flavours, presentation and service.”

Jeffrey He said “The food was great and I have been back since.”




Overall experience