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November 2019



Belly Worship certainly deliver on their brand promise of noms that are both fast and tasty – the menu is simple but offers an array of mouth-watering options. The meals arrived at warp speed, not leaving much time for our stomachs to growl in anticipation. Once you’ve moved on from trying to decipher the name, there are simply just so many things to love – the food, the all-you-can-drink sodas, the presentation, the neon signs and wall illustrations to boot. Soaked in colour, you’ll find a good value, open late option tucked away like a halfway house halfway down Dominion Road. Oh, and the surprise free Deep Fried Ice Cream Puffs (on the house) to finish were a welcome sugary finish. Not hard to see why this place is packed out.

Louise shared with Blue. They had the Chinese Burrito with Pork Belly & the Sichuan Spicy Chicken with chicken thighs, dried chillies and potatoes. She drank an Apple, Mint and Lemon drink. She said, “Loved the Chinese pancake as a burrito, loved the all you can drink sodas, loved the preso and the crispness of the chicken (though it came with six plants worth of chilli)! What the. And the speed – food was out LIGHTNING fast and it was tasty – brand promise en pointe. Downsides? Couldn’t find food ratings anywhere, menus need to be laminated so they can be wiped (gungey as), the waiter needed to wash his hair… and the apple ‘drink’ was a weirdly overpowering cordial. But it didn’t spoil the experience. We’ll be back.”

Mel had the Sizzling Kung Fu Tofu with egg tofu, onions, egg and carrot. She drank a Lemon, Orange and Passionfruit Juice. She said, “The food arrived very fast, very tasty flavours, and to get a free ice cream ball at the end … love it!! I can see how they bring in the crowds and pumps out some really good food. The evenings would be epic with all their neon signs!”

Bri had the Chinese Burrito with Lemon Vegan Chicken. She said, “Great place for cheap eats – they somehow managed to deliver on all three: fast, cheap, tasty! A large variety of vegan options a definite plus – I won’t get bored here.”

Jeffrey had the Chinese Burrito with Duck. He said, “Very economical, a small price for a big meal.”

Phil had the Chinese Burrito with Duck. He drank the $3 unlimited soda. He said, “Great place for good value and open ‘til late.”

Kate had the Chinese Burrito with Duck. She drank an Apple, Mint and Lemon drink. She said, “Belly Worship is one of my go-to places for quick and delicious food and it didn’t disappoint for Husk Lunch. There’s always such tasty options to choose from and the neon and fun graphics add to it making it such a fun vibe.”




Overall experience