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November 2017



We love companies with brutally honest naming conventions. On their website they explained the reasoning behind Best Ugly: “Well, if you were punched, rolled, boiled and fired, you wouldn’t look so great either.” These Montreal-style bagels are “deliberately man-handled” for authentic homemade freshness, topped with fuss-free flavours like pastrami and mustard, peanut-butter and jam, tomato basil… the list goes on. Service-wise these guys are super laid-back at the City Depot — don’t expect full table service as it’s more of a eat-and-go kind of place — but the guy at the cashier is good-humoured and super-helpful with our huge order. And lastly this non-negotiable: you MUST be gluten-tolerant on this day, say yes to crispy-toasted bagels which are satisfyingly soft and chewy on the inside. It’s a beautiful thing.

Louise had the Salmon Bagel. She said “Didn’t encounter any of the service staff at all so couldn’t comment on that but food was epic, as per. Tables could do with some attention but I appreciate we are in the rush hour on a Friday.”

Katie had The Chickaboom (Free-Range Chicken, Mayo, Yoghurt, Curry Powder, Spring Onions, Rocket Sauce, toasted Almonds and Avocado) and a Allgood Sparkling Blood Orange. She said “The energetic staff are so refreshing! Loved the fragrant curry spices in my bagel, they ain’t spicy if you’re afraid of heat.”

Mel had the Salmon Bagel and a Gingerella. She said “Yum!”

Rebecca had the Yodi (Pastrami, Habanero Mustard, Grilled Swiss, topped with a Pickle) and Coconut water. She said “More of a takeaway place, and it felt a bit expensive for the size of the bagel.”

Bri had the Salmon Bagel and a Gingerella. She said “The salmon bagel was flavourful and moorish – will be going back soon to try more of the awesome range!”

Jeffrey had the Salmon Bagel and a Mocha. He said “It’s not a place we can sit and eat comfortably.”




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