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February 2019



Pun unintended but Daily Bread has generated a bit of a cult following for their baked goods. In particular their taro sourdough had lines going out the door. That, coupled with still-warm pretzels, crispy pies and borderline-sinful donuts, you can, as Spinoff rightly puts “find the place by the trail of drool”. As a refurbished neoclassical bank building, we loved the contrast of modern, stark-white walls and LED beams with dark steel and glass industrial elements. We pondered over whether the vintage mahogany cabinets were originally from the buildings’ banking days, and collectively lost our minds when we learned that the big vault safe door at the back had been converted into a chiller. They have a petite sheltered courtyard to nom in and we imagine it’d be just as cosy in winter – there’s a wood fire oven so things look promising. We confess there are huskies who usually shy away from carbs and sugar, but today was a worthwhile cheat day. Go grab a hot cross bun right now, we swear you won’t regret it, even in sugar purgatory.

Louise had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with watercress, avocado, red onion, cucumber and drank a Flat White. She said “Loved the counter service guy, but that may be ‘cos he put me down as ‘cool lady’ on the receipt. Sammy epic though super late in delivery (arrived after everyone else had finished) and the wasabi (?) managed to totally drown out the subtle smoked fish flavours. Bread incredible, salads and tomatoes super fresh. Loved it overall.”

Katie had the Big Bird Sandwich with roast chicken, capsicum kimchi, red onion, picklede onion, feijoa chutney, labneh, coriander and drank the Daily Iced Tea. She said “Huh? Sugar-free? Zero-carb diets? Gluten-what-now? I can’t hear you over the sound of my happiness.”

Mel had the Ploughman’s Sandwich with salami, edam, rocket, red onion, heirloom tomato, dill cream cheese,
mustard and drank the Daily Iced Tea. She said “Such lovely fresh bread! Flavours were so good!”

Bri had the Nightshade Sandwich with heirloom tomato, roasted eggplant, rocket, capsicum, nasturtium pestoand drank the Freshly-squeezed Tangelo Juice. She said ” So many baked items to choose from! Loved seeing the bakers bake behind the counter. Unique atmosphere quite unlike other places in the area. The tangelo juice and eggplant in the sandwich were the highlights.”

Jeffrey had the Smoked Salmon gravlax with horseradish cream cheese, dill on brioche and drank a House Soda. He said “Bread taste very soft and nice.”

Phil had the Reuben Sandwich with corned beef, gouda, mustard, sauerkraut and drank a Long Black. He said ” A lovely experience, very friendly service and nice atmosphere. Food was good, coffee was ok.”




Overall experience