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March 2020



Who would’ve known that through a grungey metal door on the side of Pollen Street in the side lanes of Ponsonby sits Hyderabad Hotel? A colab effort with Garage Project, the team from Satya Chai Lounge serves Southern-Indian street food with a beersies on tap that scream summer vibes. The interior fit-out is a party for the senses, with vibrantly painted walls, foliage and flower chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the smell of cardamom and coriander wafting from the kitchen – this location takes you back to the hotel lobbies of the 1970s (think movie Budapest Hotel). There’s even a kistche-y outdoor “pool” area with lounge chairs, beach umbrellas and an elephant fountain in a tiny plastic tub. We love their attention to detail, and the sense of simply just having fun in the food industry. We tried a bit of everything, the Vada Pav (fried potato pattie slider with tamarind and date chutney) was a hit, as was the fried chicken (when is it not though). This is a summer pop-up (2020 end date undisclosed) but we’re hoping initiatives like this, that inspire laughter and a sense of wonder, would keep happening for a very, very long time.

What we ordered:
Curry Fries with shoestring fries, with lahsun (garlic) sauce
Cut Mirchi Chaat with deep fried chilli w/yoghurt, tamarind + date and mint chutney
Vada Pav sliders with spiced potato pattie, tamarind and date chutney, mint chutney
Papdi Chaat – smashed Dahi Puri
Samosa Chaat with smashed samosa w yoghurt, tamarind, date and mint chutney
Curry fried chicken
Cool deep homemade yoghurt with tamarind date chutney

Louise said, “Love the food so much – perfect blend of hot, cool, crunch texture and flavourful delights – reminds me of India, especially the dahi puri and tamarind. Can’t wrap my head around the aesthetic but love it enough to go back 2x in as many days!”

Katie said, “A++++ to cool vibes! A++++ to GP Beers on tap! A++++ to accessible Indian cuisine!”

Bri said, “Funky decor made for a very different atmosphere than the usual lunch spots. Great place to meet friends for sharing plates because they have so many (vegetarian) options at reasonable prices and it is definitely tempting to try it all. Service was friendly and fast.”

Jeffrey said, “Amazing Decal, did not feel like I was in Ponsonby.”




Overall experience